• ToolsQuant II Fast RT Kit

    ToolsQuant II Fast RT Kit

       ToolsQuant II Fast RT Kit is designed for the first strand cDNA synthesis with high efficiency and able to rapidly remove genomic DNA (gDNA). To avoid the contamination of gDNA, the kit contains gDNA Eraser that effectively remove gDNA (42°C, 3 min). It takes only 15 min (42°C) to complete the synthesis of first strand cDNA by using the innovative RT enzyme. This product also has a high affinity for RNA, which enables efficient and sensitive reverse transcription of any template, such as GC rich and complicated secondary structures of template RNA, leading to high yields of cDNA.

  • TOOLS Cell Counting (CCK-8) kit

    TOOLS Cell Counting (CCK-8) kit

    TOOLS Cell Counting (CCK-8) kit is a ready-to-use solution without premixing of components. Cell Counting Kit-8, being nonradioactive, allows sensitive colorimetric assays for the determination of the number of viable cells in cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays. WST-8 is reduced by dehydrogenases in cells to give a yellow colored product (formazan), which is soluble in the tissue culture medium. The amount of the formazan dye generated by the activity of dehydrogenases in cells is directly proportional to the number of living cells. The detection sensitivity of CCK-8 is higher than other tetrazolium salts such as MTT, XTT, MTS or WST-1.

  • Telomere Length qPCR assay kit

    Telomere Length qPCR assay kit

    Telomeres are nucleoprotein structures that cap the ends of chromosomes. The integrity of the telomere structure and its DNA (TTAGGG)n repeat sequence is critical for the protection of the ends of chromosomes from degradation and in maintaining overall genomic stability. Telomere length, therefore, decreases over time and may predict lifespan. Telomere shortening has negative effects on health conditions and has been linked to many health issues including aging and cancer.

    Telomere Length qPCR assay kit is designed to directly measure the average telomere length of a human cell population. The telomere primer mix recognizes and amplifies telomere sequences. The single copy gene (SCG) primer mix recognizes specific target gene as a control for amplification for every sample performed and to determine genome copies per sample, and serves as reference for data normalization. The Telomere standard DNA sample with known telomere length serves as a reference for calculating the telomere length of target samples.

  • TOOLS UltraFast PCR Cloning Kit

    TOOLS UltraFast PCR Cloning Kit

    TOOLS UltraFast PCR cloning kit is designed for fast and directional cloning of the single or multiple DNA into any vector at any site, regardless of DNA fragment end compatibility. This kit is applicable for efficient clone of fragments of 50 bp - 10 kb. The vector is linearized at the cloning site. A small sequence overlapped with each end of the cloning site is added onto the insert through PCR. The insert and the linearized vector, with overlapped sequences of 15 bp - 20 bp on both 5’- and 3’-end, respectively, are mixed in an appropriate ratio and incubated with recombinase 2X UltraFast Mix at 50°C for 5 - 15 min. This kit is a novel cloning kit, applicable for homologous recombination with 1 - 5 fragments. The Kit is independent of DNA ligase, significantly reducing the self-ligated colonies. The enhanced recombinase and highly optimized buffer included in 2X UltraFast Mix significantly improve the recombination efficiency and the tolerance to impurities. pFAST vector is compatible with most PCR products, enabling the specific PCR products to be used directly for recombination without any treatments, which significantly simplify the procedure.

  • 小鼠基因編輯(CRISPR/Cas9 system)服務

    彩神8因編輯(CRISPR/Cas9 system)服務

    圖爾思生物科技公司為台灣最早開始推展CRISPR/Cas9技術且為最先開始利用此系統提供客製化的基因編輯小鼠與大鼠。我們利用in vitro transcripted sgRNA與獨有的Cas9 protein,在單一個受精卵時期用microinjection方式將材料打入,六至八週就可以產出F0小鼠。

  • 探針合成服務(Probe synthesis)

    探針合成服務(Probe synthesis)

    圖爾思SuperLab提供即時定量探針(qPCR Probe)與原位雜合技術探針(ISH Probe)合成的服務,我們的服務有多達200種的Probe修飾可以選擇,其中包含LNA修飾、非螢光的硫代修飾、磷酸化修飾等,以及螢光修飾的單邊或雙邊探針,提供客戶完全客製化的選擇。若您需要代為設計探針的序列,我們也能提供免費的設計服務。

    1. 服務快速(僅需10個工作天)
    2. 純度高
    3. 訂購流程簡單,可交由具有經豐富的實驗人員進行序列的設計
    4. 具有多達近200種化學修飾
    5. 提供LNA特殊修飾
    6. 便宜的價格

  • 蛋白質定量(i-TRAQ)


    i-TRAQ的全名為Isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantitation ,亦即利用同位素”標籤”將來自不同樣本的蛋白質用不同的同位素標記,造成在二級質譜圖分析時不同樣本來源的蛋白會有不同的分子量,因此可以區分出不同樣本來源的蛋白質,達到同時對”多個樣本”進行大規模的蛋白定量。 這項技術最主要可以用於進行高通量的樣品間蛋白質表達差異篩選,不但可以縮短找尋蛋白質標誌的時間,同時也可以幫研究人員節省研發經費。圖爾思SuperLab能提供全台灣獨一無二的 i-TRAQ 技術服務,從樣品製備到上機到生物訊息分析,我們都能一條龍的提供,讓您不需要再擔心環節上的問題,在台灣您再也找不到像圖爾思SuperLab這麼專業的服務團隊了。

  • 非標靶代謝體學分析


    非標靶代謝體學 (Untargeted Metabolomics) 是藉由比較對照組和實驗組的代謝物,以尋找其代謝路徑差異的一種方法。這些差異有助於尋找臨床生物標記,應用在疾病的早期診斷或藥物的靶點發現及疾病的致病機轉研究等。

  • 微生物體16S擴增子定序 (16S Amplicon Sequencing)

    微生物體16S擴增子定序 (16S Amplicon Sequencing)

    16S rRNA為原核生物核糖體小亞基的重要組成,序列包含數個保守區域和9個高變區域,其中高變區具有屬或種的特異性,被認為是最適於細菌系統發育和分類鑑定的指標。因此對該區域中的序列進行定序已是研究環境微生物多樣性及群落組成差異的重要策略之一。

  • RNA Sequencing (Quantification)

    RNA Sequencing (Quantification)

    RNA Sequencing (RNA定序)可以對樣品中所有mRNA做高通量定序及分析,並比較不同實驗條件下轉錄體 (Transcriptome)的變化,找出差異基因,因此RNA-seq已經逐漸取代以往的Microarray技術成為主流

新知分享-部落格:『糞菌移植』(FMT, Fecal Microbiota Transplantation)近幾年不論在研究或是臨床上都已如火如荼開展中,而專注於微生物治療或基因檢測公司也越來越多,或許這正預告著『精準微生物醫療』的時代即將來臨。
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